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Hamid Hoseini 27/09/1393 I recommend MoneyMex because they are so fast, well organised and really reliable.
Amir Farazmand 27/09/1393 Excellent and quick response to all my requests
Ali Badranloo 27/09/1393 First time I feel so comfortable and relaxed in mind when transfer money from Australia to iran or vice versa, and my complementary to them is I wish iran embassy in Canberra was this organised.
Arash Hanifehzadeh 27/09/1393 So fast..so easy and fantastic
Bma 28/09/1393 This is the first Iranian enterprise which I would like to admit that is 100 percent reliable fast and excellent in customer care.
HASSAN BABAEI 30/09/1393 so good
Hafezi 19/10/1393 MoneyMex has been gathered experts which I can trust
Hamed Azizi 27/12/1393 I would like to congratulate Money Mex for simply being the best at what they do and willingly providingtheir services to us Iranians. I'm astonished by the fact that we now have an Iranian company completely associated with money exchange that we can trust here in Austrlia, which is after all, a foreign country. I truly send you my best wishes again for providing your services to us with such brillianc. Poraro.
Maryam Ganji 28/12/1393 I highly recomment MoneyMex. 100% reliable, very fast and well organised.
Mehdi Salehi 31/02/1394 انصافا سرویس قابل اعتماد و نسبتا سریعی ارایه می کنند. طی چند سالی که از سرویس مانیمکس استفاده می کنم، کاملا راضی بوده و نیازی به پیدا کردن سرویس جایگزین پیدا نکرده ام . کارشان را به خوبی انجام می دهند و در صورت نیاز به ارتباط شفاهی یا حضوری، برخورد ها محترمانه و عالی است
Reza Amirtouri 28/03/1394 I am sorry to say that during the recent month the Moneymex website has been truely frustrating, most of the times it says: the money transfere is not possible at this moment! when you try to submint a money order. If its something that can be fixed easily so please take it into account while I am thinking to fing another way for tranfering my money. Thanks
Hossein Kaab Asl 17/04/1394 Reliable, Fast and Professional Service.
Mohamad Sayad Haghighi 21/04/1394 I tried to add Rials to my account after submitting a Paya transaction but the form keeps telling me that I should fill in all the required fields! The form is complete! I went to the address book and found that they are all marked as "Unconfirmed". This is the 3rd time you are forcing the customers to update their details without any prior notice. Note that I am short in time and this behaviour is not tolerable. I went to the address book to update my Iranian profile details and it asked for my bank details in Iran! but I couldn't even put the name of the account because it was a disabled block! How do you expect me to fill in a mandatory field which cannot be filled?! It's a mess and it's delaying my transaction.
Rasoul Ibrahimi 21/05/1394 Salam, man har kar kardam emailam verify nashod lotfatan komakam konid
Babak Mohammadi Alashti 20/10/1394 Thank you for your great effort to provide fantastic service for us. I hope all the best for Moneymex team in 2016.
Mohammad 29/10/1394 It's shocking there is no English version of this site !!!
HEDAYAT CHOOBDAR 30/01/1395 انصافا سرویس سریع وقابل اعتمادی برای بنده فراهم نمودند.جا داره از جناب اصلی وکارمندان مودب وفهیمشون قدر دانی کنم. با تشکر فراوان هدایت چوبدار
Mehdi Aghayarzadeh 25/03/1395 فوق العاده راضی هستم چه بلحاظ برخورد پرسنل و چه بلحاظ سرعت حواله که حواله من رو کمتر از بیست و چهار ساعت انجام دادن
Shayda Alizadeh 07/05/1395 Their service is fast yet reliable. Also I found their mannerism is utterly polite towards costumers. I am happy with them!
Farshad Abdollahi 11/07/1395 خيلي سخت است اضافه كردن ادرس
Amir Nejad 26/07/1395 MoneyMex is hands down the best money exchange broker in Australia. Excellent service, quick turnaround time, unbeatable rates and user-friendly web portal have made them stand out in the market. I highly recommend them .Thanks for your efforts and keep up the great work!
hamidreza mirzabeygi 28/07/1395 با اسلام لطفا اپلیکیشن مخصوص ایفون رو اپدیت کنید چون مدتیه از کار افتاده ممنون
MOHAMMAD AMIN SOURAKI AZAD 22/08/1395 مهمترین جذابیت سایت شما وجود بازار خرید و فروش ارز بود . با حذف این بخش در واقع مزیت بزرگ سایتتونو از بین بردین. به نظر من که از مشتریهای قدیمیتون هستم این کار یه جور بی تدبیری و سو مدیریت بود
Niloufar Jalalian Takie 24/08/1395 Best service in Australia! Well done. Transferring money was easy and quick with a peace of mind. Thanks heaps to your friendly staff who are super supportive. You guys rock compare to all Australian companies. Keep up the amazing job . Big thank you !
Mohsen Shokri 16/09/1395 Moneymex is worse in case of customer communication. they are talking about prompt response, but the time frame they have suite their time, not the customer. I am base in Western Australia and haven't heard any thing on my order and tried to call any number provided in their site, but no response. They are not a online and prompt and behave like a local shop. close sharp at 5PM their time, and don't care about customer at Western Australia. I need to find a local service provider for next time.
محمد اسیابان 04/12/1395 از سرویس خوب شما و اهتمام ویژه مانیمکس به قوانین و مقررات بسیار سپاس گزارم. با این همه تعهد و پیگیری شما به قوانین و مقررات خیال مشتریان اسوده است.دم شما گرم باشه
Peiman Vakili 30/01/1396 مدت 5 سال است که مشتری شما هستم و تا به حال به غیر از شما با هیچ صرافی دیگری وارد معامله نشدهام. لازم است که از دقت نظر و سرعت در نقل وانتقال پول از استرالیا به ایران و بالعکس تشکر ویژه بنمایم. موفق و پایدار باشید..
پدرام خداوردی 23/09/1396 بدون شک بهترین و پرسرعت ترین صرافی ایرانی سراسر استرالیا
حسین خطیب 23/09/1396 بابت سرویس سریع و امنی که در طی این سالها سرلوحه کار خود قرار دادید از شما سپاسگزارم.
Mehran Sharbati 23/09/1396 Your service is excellent. You have never let me down, and I'm sure you never will! Thank you.
Ebrahim Rostami Monjezi 21/10/1396 من روز سه شنبه ظهر به وقت ايران پول رو حواله كردم و پنج شنبه ظهر به وقت ايران به حسابم توي استراليا واريز شد، از صرافي ماني مكس كمال تشكر رو دارم.
Forough Shirin Abkenar 11/11/1396 ممنون از زحمات بی شائبه، پاسخگویی، صداقت، و مسئولیت پذیری شما.
مقصود شادفر 29/01/1398 از زحماتتون سپاسگزارم كارتون عالیه